System Requirements

In order to setup your hosting environment, you will require a few pieces of Software.

  1. MongoDB
  2. A Parse Server instance
  3. Chisel client application

Setup MongoDB

Chisel uses MongoDB as the default preferred database

To install MongoDB

    $ brew install mongodb
    // run the mongodb daemon
    $ mongod --dbpath      

Setup Parse Server Locally

Parse Server for Chisel requires some initial setup to configure Emails and lot's of Cloud Code functions.

So we highly recommend that you use our Parse Server Starter project.

    $ git clone
    $ cd parse-server-starter
    $ npm install
    $ npm start
    // parse-server will be running on http://localhost:1337/parse    

Setup a Parse Server on Forge

The fastest way to setup your Parse Server instance is to use our simple deployment and managed hosting service available for each Site you have on Forge.

See our tutorial for installing Parse Server and Chisel on Forge.

Setup a Parse Server on Heroku

See our in-depth walkthrough for installing Chisel and Parse Server on Heroku

Third Party Parse Server hosting services

There are quite a few Parse Server hosting services and you maybe tempted to try to connect your Chisel app to your Parse Server instance there. As of writing, this probably will not work since the Parse Server instance has some pre-requisite setup requirements that these services don't yet support.

If you represent a Parse Server hosting company and are interested in supporting Chisel, please get in touch to discuss our commercial partner solutions.