Field Data Types

Each Content Type that you define contains a list of Fields.

Name Type Description Example
Short Text String Short text field for titles and names "Hello World"
Long Text String Longer form text for paragraphs and body content "Welcome to our first blog post about…
Number Number A decimal number 37.67
Number Int Number An integer number 37
Boolean Boolean 2 states, True or False true
Date/Time Date UTC timestamps stored in ISO 8601 format 2018-08-20T02:06:57.931Z
Media Pointer A reference to a Media object {..}
Reference Pointer A reference to a specified Model {..}

Field Properties

Each Field has a certain number of of Properties

Name Type Description Example
Name String User friendly field name "Post Title"
NameId String Machine friendly field name "Post_Title"
Type String Data type of the field "Short Text"
Appearance String Format of the field in the Editor "Markdown"
Color String rgba or hex value for colour visual "rgba(186,1,181,1)"
BoolTextYes String . ""
BoolTextNo String . ""
ValidValues Array . []
IsRequired Boolean Is the field required to have content? false
IsTitle Boolean Does the field name represent the Title of the field true
IsList Boolean Is there a single entry or multiple entries? false
IsDisabled Boolean Temporarily disable the field in the Editor false
IsUnique Boolean Is this field required to have a unique value? false
Order Number Int The order of the field in the Fields list 0
Validations Object Validation options for the Field {..}

Example JSON

    "name": "Title",
    "nameId": "Title",
    "type": "Short Text",
    "appearance": "Single line",
    "color": "rgba(186, 1, 181, 1)",
    "boolTextYes": "",
    "boolTextNo": "",
    "validValues": [],
    "isRequired": false,
    "isTitle": true,
    "isList": false,
    "isDisabled": false,
    "isUnique": false,
    "order": 0,
    "validations": null