Sharing Access and Roles

Invitation Process

To add a collaborator to your site, visit the Sharing tab in your Chisel site.

If the User already has an account on the Chisel instance, then they will automatically be added to your Site, they don't need to confirm.

If the User is does not have a current account with the email matching the invitation, then Chisel will send an invitation email. After the User completes the registration of their new account, then they will be added as a Collaborator.

Roles and Permissions

The site's creator is its owner. He/she can share it with other Users.

The site owner can assign one of a number of roles to a collaborator, which will determine the extent of the collaborator's permissions within that site.

Role Models Content Site Settings Collaborations API
Owner RW RW RW RW +
Administrator RW RW RW RW, can't remove owner +
Developer - R R R, can't remove self +
Editor - RW R R, can't remove self -